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You are a part of something bigger.

(an awesome experience that benefits your members!)

We created the FPA Virtual Externship for your members

The FPA Virtual Externship is an 8-week, intensive program designed for new financial planners and current CFP® students who want to see financial planning in action — and feel confident that they can serve their clients well!

Experienced planners will all attest to feeling totally unqualified to support clients or build their firms when they first started. The Externship was designed to change that for aspiring and new financial planning professionals — because everyone deserves to enter this career with excitement, not trepidation!

Externs step into their CFP® designation confidently

Our 100% online program takes the best parts of an internship, like learning from experts and “getting your hands dirty,” and multiplies the effect.

Instead of working with just one firm, externs get to peek behind the curtain and see over 25 firms and experts at work, and do the work themselves. They’ll also get access to over 20 deliverables and processes from these experts, so they can learn a new way to work that works for them.

With the FPA Virtual Externship, anyone can learn more about the profession and its practice from their own home. No scanning paperwork or learning how to use a fax machine required.

There is a wealth of information and experts in various parts of the field inside the externship. I would do this every year just to hear insights of these experts in the industry.

Brandon Moyer, 2020 Extern

One of the most beneficial and educational experiences I have been a part of throughout my college career. It gave me a glimpse of exactly what to expect regarding this career.

Sean Boylan, 2020 Extern

I have really been blown away by this. I'm really lucky to have stumbled upon this opportunity via my CFP® online course with Boston University. It has only increased my passion for this work and possible future career.

Ian Sheridan, 2020 Extern

There are so many planners with different backgrounds and different approaches to financial planning that there is something for everyone. This program really gets you excited to start this career.

Christopher Remmich, 2020 Extern

I have learned more relevant info in this brief externship than I have in probably 8 finance courses.

Matt Davis, 2020 Extern

This Externship has been one of the best, most informative, and helpful experiences I have had in all of my CFP training, work experience, seminars, CE, etc.

Jay Boekeloo, 2020 Extern


Anthony Guzman, 2020 Extern

Best Experience Ever!

Shadia Yusuf, 2020 Extern

Hearing experiences from successful financial planners in many different paths gives a real perspective about the profession and wakes up the passion to help people.

Edwin Rodriguez, 2020 Extern

FANTASTIC!!! I've found myself more inspired than ever to keep pursuing a career in this industry and making it fit my vision.

Amber Berry, 2020 Extern

It's made me love financial planning!

Nicholas Touquet, 2020 Extern

Amazing! Currently, I am a sophomore in college, and I have been trying to figure out what I'm going to major in. After doing this externship, I learned so much about financial planning, and I have decided this would be the perfect career for me.

Sydney Davison, 2020 Extern

The most rewarding learning experience in my Financial Planning journey. Daily sessions and assignments give me more purpose during quarantine.

Elena Panco, 2020 Extern

This has allowed me to dream again and has been a huge breath of fresh air and opportunity. I am very thankful.

Sandra Hay Magdaleno, 2020 Extern

A great investment of time towards a future career in financial planning.

Gregory Petz, 2020 Extern

I learn something new with every video and assignment.

Nicholas Welsh, 2020 Extern

The opportunity of a lifetime. Educational, engaging, and empowering. What an incredible time to be entering this field and continuing the work of bettering client's lives.

Rachel Anderson, 2020 Extern

I've made so many great connections and gotten to learn from the absolute best in the business! It has made me so excited to launch my financial planning career and I am so much better prepared to do so thanks to this externship!

Bonnie Maize, 2020 Extern

This Externship has been a game-changer for me. It's been awesome to get a peek inside the life of a Financial Planner, from the hands-on tools to the experts and mostly learning that there are so many opportunities in this profession to consider.

La Tanya Harris, 2020 Extern

This Externship has been extraordinary. I am learning a lot about what a Financial Planner does for work behind the scene, and all the real-life planners shared their experience and insight to us as students. I LOVED the hands-on experience with all the invaluable Financial Planning Tools.

Mikki Venekamp, 2020 Extern

This externship has been the best thing to result from COVID!


This externship opened a whole new world for me! I now have a MUCH better understanding about what financial planning is exactly and the myriad opportunities available to us to make a difference in people's lives. I'm so excited for the future!

Neha Sharma, 2020 Extern

Very valuable. I feel like I had the opportunity to work with 20 planners on real client cases over the last two months.

Deborah Purcell, 2020 Extern

This externship will go down in history as one of the most valuable experiences of my career. The exposure to so many different points of view within the profession and seeing the actual human side of the planning work made me feel like I'm getting my footing in this profession much better than I ever could without an experience like this externship.

Brandon Tacconelli, 2020 Extern

Life changing. Thank you!!!

Diane Reynolds, 2020 Extern

In a word, AMAZING! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Erin M. Coe, 2020 Extern

I've learned so much about financial planning that I never would have learned in my education program. I'm so grateful for the experience.

Jennifer Mawson, 2020 Extern

What will externs really learn inside the externship?


Over the course of 8 weeks, externs and program attendees will receive 180 CFP® experience hours, through in-depth and expert trainings on:
  • Investment Planning
  • Insurance and Risk Management Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Student Loan Planning and College Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Navigating Your Career 
  • Real-world Applications for Planning Software

Externs get access to a library of recorded lessons that dive deep into unique approaches to financial planning, plus get real-world assignments,  in-depth tutorials and walkthroughs.

They can also get eMoney-certified and unlock access to Morningstar Advisor Workspace, so they can get first-hand experience with the tools that make their career easier.

To add to all of that, the externship also offers live office-hour access to top financial planners — PLUS a unique look inside client meetings and a real-life planner/client relationship.

Internships and continuing education: Reimagined.

While we know the value and experience that comes from learning in-person can never be underestimated, we think this deep-dive learning opportunity is second-to-none. (Plus, you can’t beat 180 CFP® experience hours.)


Your members will love the externship, by participating or promoting – they can be a part of something BIG for our profession.