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As a CFP® professional, you’re used to “traditional” CE resources and internship experiences.

We’re turning all that on its head.

The Financial Planning Association has created a one-of-a-kind virtual externship to replace internship learning opportunities — but it’s not just for CFP® students. This program is perfect for experienced financial planning professionals, paraplanners, and those looking to earn their designation well into their career.

It takes place over the course of 8 weeks, entirely online, and helps professionals explore new and better ways to show up, grow in their careers, and serve their clients. And it’s NOT another webinar.

Gray hairs are welcome.

How the Externship works

This virtual externship is perfect for any professional who wants to feel more confident in their work, learn from different planning approaches, or build their own practice their way.

Externs will not be asked to sell any products or services — what a novel concept! This is just a chance to develop professionally and explore new ways to do our work. Externs can expect a truly immersive externship experience, with about a 20-25 hour/week time commitment, entirely online.

This externship offers:

  • Networking and professional development opportunities
  • An opportunity to become certified on E-money Advisor financial planning software and access to MorningStar Advisor Workspace (a huge savings for planners!)
  • Exploration of the different areas of financial planning, including tax, college planning, investments, insurance, etc.
  • A chance to see financial planning in action, with a behind-the-scenes look of everything that goes into a planner’s engagement with clients
  • Feedback provided on externship assignments and projects, plus insight into diverse financial planning firms and approaches

What we cover inside the externship?


Over the course of 8 weeks, externs and program attendees will receive expert trainings on:
  • The landscape of the profession
  • Investments and investment philosophies
  • Insurance options and planning
  • College and tax planning
  • Financial planning assumptions and retirement
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Navigating your career 
  • Real-world applications for planning software

While you may know many of the more theoretical approaches to these topics, you’ll see how multiple planners and firms take a different approach. You’ll also see these elements of your work represented in real-life client meetings and live discussions with professionals.

New this year – get access to real client meetings and follow along with Hannah Moore, CFP® as she works with clients to navigate their questions, adapts to mistakes & unknowns, and grows the relationship.

This isn’t a simple refresh on your CFP® program training. This is a chance to truly grow as a CFP® professional.

Join us at the next FPA Virtual Externship